Tribals of Koraput

Tribal ladies of Koraput district

Koraput is an Adivasi district, known for high concentration of Adivasi communities (tribes). As many as 51 are found in undivided Koraput district. These tribals have been grouped into three major classes Dravidian race represented by Kondh. Poraja, Gond and Koya, forming the major part of the population. Munda or Kolarian race Which includes Savara and Gadaba Austro-Asian race: the Bondas, one of the most primitive tribes. Apart from these three, there are many others like Omanatya and Bhumia, whose origin is not clearly known.Each community has its own language, hailed as a great repository of ecological knowledge. These communities have been practicing their own indigenous religions, but are termed as 'Hindus' by the constitution of India. This paves the way for their assimilation into the 'Hindu Mainstream'. Adivasi religion thus faces an onslaught from both Hinduism as well as evangelical Christianity. Coutesy: Wikipedia